Photo below is of my cute new upcoming breeding Boar piglet named "Porky".
He is a Poland-China/Spot pig cross.
(heritage breeds = nice personalities and good old-fashioned pork).
He will make some FINE pigs for this farm - starting next year.

Hello :)
I sell Puppies and Piglets
(and occasionally baby Goats).

I have raised stunning hybrid puppies for the past 9+ years.
(Lhasa Apso's crossed with Poodle & Maltese or Pomeranian or American Eskimo - all from my own beloved long-time pet stock). photos of past pups are available - also photos of their grandparents and parents, and also information on their temperments and personalities (not many people can say that),
also excellent references available.
I have also recently started raising quality Wolf-Dog hybrid pups.

I also very humanely raise beautiful crossbreed pigs. Mostly heritage breeds. (crosses of:  Poland-China, Spot, Hampshire, Duroc, Vietnamese Potbelly, etc)
for your meat, breeding, or pet purposes.

We are located in Central Northern California (near Modesto & Merced).
All animals are given names and are treated like family.

* I currently have available: 7 stunning WOLF-DOG PUPPIES.
VERY well socialized and affectionate.
These pups are:
24% Timber (Gray) Wolf, 26% Siberian Husky,
25% Chinese SharPei, & 25% Rottweiler.

4 Females, 3 Males. $450. each.

* I can ship puppies within the USA, but buyer pays vet visit, shipping crate, and airline fee.

Contact Info: call (209) 670-4732.
or email: thepuppypad@hotmail.com

Beautiful WOLF-DOG Pups when they were only a couple weeks old
WOLF-DOG Male Pups at 7 weeks old
WOLF-DOG Male Pup at 7 wks old
WOLF-DOG Female Pup at 7 wks old
WOLF-DOG Female Pups at 7 wks old
KIARA - 49% Timber (Gray) WOLF and 51% Siberian Husky
The father of the Wolf-Dog pups is a SharPei/Rottweiler cross and one of the most loving dogs you could ever meet. Great with women and children and quite beautiful as well!